Sweet days ahead.

Sweet days ahead.

Hey, I'm Diana Lopez! I created Kawaii Tarot & Spoopy Tarot.

Welcome to Cute Tarot!

My name is Diana Lopez. My love for tarot AND cuteness overflow! I’ve created Kawaii Tarot, Spoopy Tarot, I write about tarot and magick on this site, and I post on Instagram too. Feel free to browse to find what you need. Want a tarot reading from me? 🔮 Book a reading.

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Kawaii Tarot

A 78-card deck of magic & cute with detailed booklet with spreads included.

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Spoopy Tarot

A full tarot deck and story of bravery led by a spunky ghost.

The Cute Life

Tarot for the Creating the Life You Want

In this ebook I share 7 tarot reading tips for how to use divination to create your cute, lovely & romanticized life. Get it for free here.

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