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About Amí

☀️ Leo 🌙 Virgo 👆🏼 Cancer

Eclectic Mystical Artist

I’m a Latina artist, entrepreneur, and software engineer living in Albuquerque, NM. I’ve been reading tarot for 6 years. Kawaii Tarot, my first deck, was born out of a flash of inspiration in the middle of the night. After sketching out the major arcana the vision was clear. The deck was later published by Sterling Ethos and I developed a companion mobile app.

Although I’m obsessed with cute stuff, I stand in my power as a prolific magician, healer, and creator. I’ve made and continue to make a lot of stuff, whether it’s tarot spreads or apps. If you also love tarot and cuteness and maybe even computers, so I’d love to connect with you on Instagram if you feel inclined.