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  1. Rebecca Lee Doran Avatar
    Rebecca Lee Doran

    Hi Ami! I’m so excited your created this course. My sister shared the link with me and I was freaking out because I didn’t realize anything like tech-witchcraft existed.

    To answer your questions:
    My hobbies include: I volunteer a lot for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, hang out with my pets (1 cat and 1 dog), play on the computer a lot, and I play the harp!

    A normal day for me consists of sitting in my home office on the computer because I work remotely. After work I practice the harp, have a glass of wine, and I’ve been getting really into bubble baths so I’d say that’s my new healing “ritual”.

    I had taught myself basic HTML when I was in middle school. I had my own website and would also do some coding on MySpace. As I grew older I didn’t feel like I had the time or resources to keep up with it, but now that I work as a Technical Recruiter in the Tech space, I work a lot with programmers and I like the idea of having a better understanding of the different techs and languages they talk about it. It’s also really interesting to me to learn about the possibility of being able to incorporate technology into my own personal practice/craft.

    1. Amí Avatar

      Hi Rebecca! I’m glad to meet you! Happy you’re excited about the course! That’s amazing you play the harp. I think you’d like this music site by an indie maker. Happy to be a part of your tech journey.

  2. Denise Murray Avatar
    Denise Murray

    Hello! I’m Denise. My hobbies include knitting, crocheting, needle work, tarot, and other witchy stuff.

    I’m a librarian. My normal day is a work day. I wear different hats at the library. I’m a reference librarian which means I help people find books, movies, and information as well as help them with technology. I do our social media so I create graphics and post them. I create graphics for our website, as well. The heavy lifting for our site is done by an amazing company that only works with libraries and I manage the day to day stuff. Our site is new and I can use Bootstrap with it which I’ve never played with.

    My free time is usually spent in ADHD paralysis. I’m working on that! I’d prefer to read or craft but that doesn’t always happen.

    I’m a senior Millennial. I took programming in high school, a few classes in college where I planned on majoring in CS but left the program, and I learned HTML on my own and picked up CSS in classes. I thought I was past the point where coding would make sense for me to learn, but like I said up there, the website I work on let’s me make use of bootstrap and I’d love to have the confidence to use it. And I want to use javascript in a more meaningful way than copying and pasting scripts.

    1. Amí Avatar

      Thank you Denise for joining!! I know what you mean about the paralysis, I get that too at times. Javascript is fun as you’ll see. Looking forward to seeing you around.

  3. Leigh Anna Newell Avatar
    Leigh Anna Newell

    Howdy mate This course seems like it’ll be so much fun already! My mother dearest shared the link to this with me because she knows I’ve always been interested in code and Tarot/Wicca.

    The answers to your questions are:
    1. My hobbies are: spending time with my precious babies, Forest, Squishy, and Hope (my cats); Learning about what goes into making the perfect cup of coffee, Reading tarot (or getting mother dearest to read it for me) and drawing, usually digitally
    2. A normal day: wake up It’s coffee time; gush over my kitties It’s coffee time, then I’ll work for the rest of the day until I realize it’s coffee time. Once it’s later in the night, I usually play some games or just wind down and watch either horror movies or anime.
    3. My interests: It might’ve been a little hard to tell, but I love coffee; It is the yin to my yang. But when I’m not learning the ways of coffee, I usually spend time learning about crime and the physiologic side of what happens, or i learn about art techniques
    4. Why code: Well, I’ve always been interested in technology. I remember when I was like 4-6, I had my dad teach me physics so I could make a robot when I grew older (which has yet to happen). But as I aged, I realized I much preferred the less physical side of tech, so I read a few code for dummies books (sadly, I couldn’t really understand them) and then took a long, long break to learn more towards my art studies. But now, here I am trying once again to learn about code because it’s just such a magical resource. I mean, you could make games about coffee with it! What more could I need? (Just a little side note but these courses have already been so much easier for me to digest than those code for dummies books)
    Anywho i think that’s enough rambling I’ll see you all again once I’ve dove further into these classes

    1. Amí Avatar

      Hi Leigh! Happy to see you here! I love coffee too. And I was also really into physics as a (nerdy) child 😆 Excited to see what you come up with for a coffee game someday!

  4. Babette Kraft Avatar
    Babette Kraft

    Piyalli Ami~

    This course is already the most adorable learning experience I’ve had! Okay, my answers are similar to other people here. My hobbies include the fiber arts (knitting, amigurumi, embroidery) watercolor, drawing anime, and learning new things.

    A snapshot of my everyday involves waking up, getting my son ready for school, getting my daughter ready to go to her Abi’s (abuela) which is downstairs in the mother-in-law suite, lol, and working remotely as an instructional designer the rest of the day. I build blended, fully online training courses. My current focus is building an onboarding experience for the institution I work at. I like taking different courses, right now I’m doing professional development in Learning experience design as well as studying Nahuatl, an indigenous language from Mexico.

    My interests are all over the place and I wouldn’t say I really have free time lol. I just squeeze whatever I can into the spaces between responsibilities. I do love all things divination so cartomancy, tasseomancy, astrology, casting etc.

    I have sporadically learned coding. I learned a little bit of flash when I first started building courses with Adobe products (that changed of course) and I have some basic knowledge of HTML which is often used in Learning Management Systems. I’m glad you mention the idea of the garden with a website. I currently have a WordPress site that is kinda just sitting there lifeless. I enjoyed building it but it feels uninspired at the moment. I would love to revitalize it with a focus on Mesoamerican spirituality, divination and astrology.

    Anyway, thank you for this class!

    1. Amí Avatar

      Hi Babette, glad to have you here! It’s gonna be very cool to see what you create for Mesoamerican spirituality. I’m Guatemalan in origin so I’m super interested. That’s awesome you have experience with coding now!!

  5. Bethany Wilkinson Avatar
    Bethany Wilkinson

    Hello there Ami and class!

    I’m Beth and I’m a big nerd doing life with my partner, kiddos, and pets (cat and dog). I’m really into tv/movies (sci-fi, horror, adventure), being outside, playing my switch (farming games are my jam), and making things. I’ve been a stay-at-home-parent for years and always picked up part time or odd jobs. I want to learn to code so that I can be in control of where/when I work.

    1. Amí Avatar

      That’s great!! You’re in the right place.

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