How to Ask a Good Tarot Question

How to Ask a Good Tarot Question

With tarot, the magic is all in you.

Through your fingertips, your mind & spirit energy shuffles the cards to give you the answer you seek. Essentially the tarot is an intuition compass. If you are looking for meaning, the cards will fall in the right order.

And your intuition is usually right. Our conscious minds takes things at face value, but the subconscious makes connections from your past experiences. When you get a good or bad feeling about something, it’s because your intuition knows.

The best questions are the ones that deep down you know you already know the answers to.

Tarot card example questions.

  • How do I best prepare myself for the coming months? (asking for action steps)
  • What information do I need to make the best choice? (asking for open-ended information)
  • What should I focus on in this situation? (placing responsibility on yourself not the cards)
  • What should I know about my newest crush? (ask your subconscious for insight)

Questions that are harder to get answers for.

With all the power of stars & galaxies in you, of course it’s not possible to say there’s a right way or wrong way to ask your tarot questions… but there are questions that are more difficult for the cards to clearly answer. Here are some examples…

  • What will happen in 4 months? (the future is not definitive—most time related questions are hard)
  • Should I do A or B? (the cards can’t make a decision for you)
  • Was that the right choice? (the past is not what you want to focus on)


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