Ace of Cups

Ace of Cups

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Ace of Cups Tarot Card Meaning

Love • New Relationship • Intense Emotion

The Ace of Cups usually signifies the glimpse of a new, creative, and expressive period in your life. As with all ace cards, this represents a tugging at your soul or a new determination, not necessarily the beginning of action. This card indicates you have laid the foundation for a prosperous new beginning!

Being a 1 card, this card’s energy is very straightforward and focused, just like the Magician’s. The message of the Ace of Cups is simply love. The Ace of Cups can be an indicator of newfound passionate relationship, be it romantic or an eager new business partner. In any case, the suit of cups is about fluid and flowing.

If you received this card in a reading, it’s a sign that you have divine energy running through you. You can do no wrong! Because this suit, the cups, is about fluid and flowing, you may be feeling a new welling of emotion that you can barely contain. Share what you can with others, because your luck seems to be overflowing.

Ace of Cups Reversed

Overly Emotional • Hesitation • Dead End

The Ace of Cups always represents strong emotion, but reversed this card can signify a hesitation or unwillingness to be rational. It can be that perhaps you feel like you’ve been backed into a corner and are desperate to get out. In any case, if you receive this card in a reading, your creativity and passion will flow freely again soon.

If you are seeking advice over a choice, the Ace of Cups reversed can be a strong sign to listen to your heart in this instance rather than your head. In the case of career, this card reversed points to a tendency to get overly attached to one’s work and not hear constructive feedback.

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