Ace of Pentacles

Ace of Pentacles

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Ace of Pentacles Tarot Card Meaning

Stable Ground • Small Wins • Earnings

The Ace of Pentacles can be a sign of good health, luck, or prosperity. This is not a card of huge change. Rather, it speaks to small but solid gains that make a real difference. You feel grounded, rooted, and ready to go forward.

Like all aces in the tarot, this card signifies the purest beginning of something. In this case, it’s monetary gain. Although you won’t see a huge amount of wealth fall into your lap, the Ace of Pentacles is an indicator that your hard work is paying off. You’ll see small but sure wins soon. This card can be a positive sign in terms of changes in health. In some cases, this card can signify a family reunion or otherwise reunion of closely-connected people.

Ace of Pentacles Reversed

Loss • Gambling • Over-spending

The Ace of Pentacles reversed shows up in a reading when money is ill-gained or blocked. The money you have just received may be unreliable (acquired perhaps through gambling or through a gambler) so hold onto it as long as you can until you are sure it is really yours.

The Ace of Pentacles also warns of spending too much on “the finer things in life” when the basics are not yet settled. Take a look around your home. Do you have everything you need to feel safe and secure? If not, reconsider spending money on eating out, high-end clothes, or partying. Although these things may take your mind off a rocky situation, the fact is it may take some living below your means to feel grounded.

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