Eight of Swords

Eight of Swords

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Eight of Swords

Isolation • Pain • Trapped

The Eight of Swords appears in a reading when you are in a difficult situation in which you feel restricted. You may feel isolated, trapped, and silenced. You are likely finding your options limited at every turn, causing rising frustration and anxiety. But note that the number 8 stands for strength. You still have inner strength to get past these troubles, and when you do, be ready to move.

You may be experiencing what feels like an insurmountable situation. A job that’s not going anywhere is one example. You may also be feeling alone in your struggle, either because you are not sharing your feelings with others or others have dismissed you, saying everything in your life seems fine. On the surface, it may all be fine, but what is bothering you seems impossible to escape. The Eight of Swords, as a swords card, reflects that you are trapped only by your perspective.

The Eight of Swords represents a pain that one experiences all alone, feeling trapped and lost. The way out is the intellectual way, a logical way of thinking, which makes no room for self-pity. Take honest stock of your situation. Remember a way out is possible, once you find clarity of thought.

Eight of Swords Reversed

Escape • Coup • Clear Head

The Eight of Swords reversed can appear when you are feeling as though your head has recently been cleared of fog. To get this strong vision, you may have flipped an important power dynamic in your life. What once controlled you now fuels you. You are headed towards a space with lots of freedom, choice, and space to move.

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