Eight of Wands

Eight of Wands

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Eight of Wands Tarot Card Meaning

Swift Movement • Busy Activity • Change

The Eight of Wands is the “life coming at you fast” card. There may soon be a flurry of activity that will be exhilarating and rewarding to try to keep up with. The Eight of Wands is a positive card relating to career and self-development. This card does not speak of overwhelm but rather a period rich with experiences and options.

Be ready for an abrupt increase in your pace of life. Because this card belongs to the suit of wands, it’s all about directed and focused energy. This is a specific kind of activity and may resemble dominos falling in succession after one swift motion. Your goals are currently clear and you have not been worried about distraction. This concentration will soon pay off.

Your current projects may soon get very busy! Your determined outlook lately has presented you with the best opportunities available right now. The Eight of Wands says there’s no waiting though—it’s time to strike while the iron is hot. All things considered, this is a positive card and should be appreciated as a call to continue to buckle down and focus.

Eight of Wands Reversed

Pacing Self • Delay • Overly Busy

Reversed, the Eight of Wands can suggest you are feeling overwhelmed. There may be too much going on or perhaps you have taken too much onto your plate. If you believe you have taken too much on, find the source of what makes you commit to too many things and do what it takes to fix it. To regain control of the situation, avoid adding more to your workload. When the Eight of Wands reversed shows up in a reading, it can warn of significant delays.

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