Five of Pentacles

Five of Pentacles

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Five of Pentacles

Setback • Rocky Times • Financial Loss

The Five of Pentacles is not a card that comes up with positive times. This card predicts a setback. Sometimes known as “the destitution card,” the Five of Pentacles can in the worst cases symbolize homelessness, and in less severe cases, a spiritual poverty.

Like all cards of the pentacles suit, it deals with small, grounded matters such as money and home. It represents a difficult time, as all fives do. While this card may signify loss, the number 5 means new, if awkward, beginnings. That means you are growing and learning still. You may be feeling empty, but know this is not the end.

The Five of Pentacles will usually show up when everything seems dark. It’s valuable in this time to hold what you cherish. Not just material things or people, but your ethics and values as well, which are easy to forget in hard times but necessary for a positive self-image and the strength to carry on.

Five of Pentacles Reversed

Hopelessness • Recovery • Help Coming

If the Five of Pentacles shows up in your reading reversed, it may signify that help is coming your way. It will most likely come in the form of an institution. Seek signs of available help in your place of worship or within your family or social group.

Just like the upright Five of Pentacles, the Five of Pentacles reversed carries a strong feeling of self-pity. Be ready to shed that image of yourself when you are recovered. Because of the nature of the number 5, this is about the midpoint of your journey, so keep going.

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