Four of Swords

Four of Swords

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Four of Swords

Rest • Observation • Preparation

The Four of Swords, representing order and stability, combined with the tumultuous nature of the Swords, offers your rest from the battles in life. Enjoy this moment of peace. The Four of Swords may also point to a recovery from illness.

This moment of peace and stillness may feel very different than what you’ve been used to lately. Nonetheless, to rest and do nothing is what would be best for you right now. The suit of swords always stands for a trial of some type. In this instance, the challenge is to stop and be still.

In some cases the Four of Swords calls for a need for introspection and seclusion, a time to re-evaluate life. Look inward to ground yourself. The Four of Swords is a sign that you should stop worrying and stop being defensive. Although you should not lose sight of the fact that there are still battles to be fought, there is a moment of safety now where you can catch your breath.

Four of Swords Reversed

Frantic • Burn Out • Passivity

The Four of Swords can show up reversed in a reading when you have been feeling restless and frenzied. You should take some time to think things over before deciding to do everything at once. This is especially true if some big event or occasion is over the horizon. You’ll need quiet time to prepare and gather strength.

In some moments, the Four of Swords reversed can simply represent the unambiguous need to stay still or slow down when you have not been previously. Sometimes it is better to sit things out than get involved. Not everything needs your response.

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