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Judgement Tarot Card Meaning

Rebirth • Self-forgiveness • Inner Growth

Judgement comes with loud, celebratory fanfare! Although intense-sounding, this card is a cleansing presence. Judgement has seen your journey and wants to take your hand onto the next phase—forgiveness of self. You may have memories that cause you guilt or anger. It is time to face them as what they are: another time, when you were not as wise.

Almost at the end of their spiritual journey, the Fool meets with Judgement and though it feels like the end of something, the Fool is calm and at peace. “Before you move on another step,” Judgement tells the Fool. “Forgive yourself. You were doing the best you can at every moment. It’s time to move on.”

Before you move forward, it’s important to check in and make sure you are becoming the person you set out to become. This is what is meant by “judgement.” It’s a period to take stock, reevaluate desires, and be honest.

Judgement Reversed

Negativity • Stuck • Self-criticism

Judgement reversed indicates a resistance to a new phase or a difficult time filled with self-criticism. It can mean you are hanging onto old ideas and standards that don’t apply to your situation anymore—like someone exiting a harmful relationship but keeping the words of their toxic partner at the front of their mind.

If you get reversed Judgment in a reading, it’s an indicator of imbalance. It’s worth repeating that this card is not about external judgement. It’s about how you need to give yourself permission to move on. As card 20, Judgement, even reversed, represents the near close of your current journey.

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