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Justice Tarot Card Meaning

Fairness • Legal Justice • Rationality

Justice is unmoved by emotional appeal. Cold but undeniably fair, Justice is about using reason to reach balance. As card 11, this is the first of the next 10 cards of the major arcana and the shift from the physical world to the spiritual world. Justice stands for rationality in the name of what’s best for the situation.

After the wonder of the Wheel of Fortune, the Fool begins to wonder about cause and effect. She feels guilty about the wrongdoings of her past and looks for a way to balance the scales. Justice, stern, implores the Fool to dedicate just time to all of aspects of herself. Justice helps the Fool realize that being objective can help you make the best decisions.

If this card appears in a reading, it means a change must be made reach equilibrium in your life. To make the best decision in this situation, put aside your wants and ask yourself what you have been needing. Excess in any direction will always lead to a feeling of incompleteness. This card can also be a signal to accept responsibility and do what needs to be done.

Justice Reversed

Legal Trouble • Lying • Unfairness

Justice reversed signifies an imbalance. It can be a sign that you are having trouble being impartial due to emotional circumstances. It can be an indicator that you must try harder to be fair, even if it means some unpleasant consequences. Some examples would be the need to pay back a loan or the need to split money equally among business partners—even if one partner protests that they deserve more.

On the other side of imbalance, this card can mean you are overusing your left brain in decision-making. Look to surrounding cards to find out whether you need more or less heart in this case. In specific cases, this card can signify a legal loss or an upcoming legal battle.

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