King of Cups

King of Cups

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King of Cups

Generosity • Fatherhood • Emotional Control

The King of Cups can signify an adult man in your life (or an energy or yourself) who is master of his own emotions. He is kind, gentle, and loving as a fatherly figure. This card may suggestion motivation to start a family, be a new or better provider, and more emotionally mature.

The King of Cups is wise and understanding. A diplomatic man, he has a deep knowledge of the world that comes from listening intently to passionate speakers from all sides. The King of Cups is a teacher equally versed in science and religion.

If you receive the King of Cups in a reading, it may be time to lead with a gentle touch and quiet word. Others may turn to you for advice because they know you will listen, peacefully, and guide when you can.

King of Cups Reversed

Moodiness • Abuse • Alcoholism

The King of Cups reversed carries the same meaning as the upright King of Cups, but the reversal indicates an imbalance. The reversed King of Cups may be prone to emotional manipulation, depression, and alcoholism at his worst. They may be emotionally controlling, toxic, and punishing in their speech.

Beware this vindictive person in your life. If you’ve received the King of Cups reversed in a reading, it sounds like you must start putting in work to release yourself from this energy.

In simpler spreads, the reversed King of Cups may simply signify that are you feeling confused and not at all one with your emotions. This suggests that you need to take a greater charge for your life and not depend on external circumstances to make you happy.

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