Knight of Cups

Knight of Cups

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Knight of Cups

Charm • Drama • Romance

The Knight of Cups represents a youthful adult, perhaps college-aged, who is fiercely loyal to those they love. This card has a dark and mysterious yet charming and accepting energy. If you receive this card in a spread, it may depict a person in your life, energy in your life, or yourself in a particular phase.

On the positive side, the Knight of Cups is a soulfully loving card. Although intense, the Knight of Cups is a dreamy sensitive card that values genuine expression from the heart. On the negative side, the Knight of Cups is prone to depression, sometimes making dark but meaningful art. Romantic and emotionally profound, this card may be warning of a time ahead that will be filled with emotional ups & downs.

Knight of Cups Reversed

Moodiness • Lashing Out • Resentment

The Knight of Cups reversed can signify a romantic interest in your life who is extremely possessive and jealous. The jealousy may more often than not disturb your relationship and make it difficult to trust each other.

In other cases, the Knight of Cups may represent your tendency to be very sensitive and easily hurt by negative comments and treatment. This card warns that you should not try to get even with those who insult or harm you.

You may need to ask yourself, “Is this energy helping or hurting?” Are you feelings warranted or exaggerated? Are your daydreams unhealthy? If you are driven crazy by the emotions you feel when you feel disrespected, you are being ruled more by your emotions than your spirit and life purpose. It may be time for a change.

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