Page of Cups

Page of Cups

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Page of Cups

Puppy Love • Creative • Dreamy

The Page of Cups is an introspective youth or energy in your life. The Page of Cups possesses a kind heart and is inclined towards art. They may let credit they deserve pass them by out of shyness or humility. They are not particularly ambitious but are quite creative and loyal to their friends. The Page of Cups urges you to follow your heart when it speaks and to be creative.

When the Page of Cups appears in a reading, it may mean an opportunity for love and romance has just manifested. A childlike energy, the Page of Cups speaks of a specific type of romance—a puppy love, where everything about the relationship seems divine and perfect. Though this honeymoon stage can’t last forever, it sure is fun.

Page of Cups Reversed

Emotional Immaturity • Creative Block • Escapism

The Page of Cups reversed represents someone who is childish in their attitude and has emotional blocks in their life. This card reversed may depict an insecure person who uses substances such as alcohol to drown their emotional troubles.

In terms of existing relationships, the Page of Cups reversed may signify a childish relationship. If you receive the Page of Cups reversed in a love reading, it suggests that while your relationship is positively enchanting, it’s time to grow up, stop texting each other constantly, and grow into something serious.

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