Page of Swords

Page of Swords

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Page of Swords

Smart • Analytical • Challenge

The Page of Swords can be a child or immature person who lives for new ideas of thoughts. They’re quick, almost like a computer. The Page of Swords tend to be a know-it-all, and at worst, someone who blurts out things they shouldn’t say. Because of this, the Page of Swords can sometimes in rare cases serve as a warning that someone may be telling your business to others.

On the more positive side, The Page of Swords may be a sign of a intelligence and a strong analytic nature in a youthful person you know or yourself. When it comes to decision making, the Page of Swords challenges you to make the right choice even when it seems difficult—in fact, especially when it’s difficult. Pages usually represent messengers, and the Page of Swords is no different in that they present opportunities for growth.

Because of the youthful, idealistic, and inexperienced nature of Pages, this is not the final battle. The challenge you are facing is likely a test early in your journey that will measure your commitment to personal growth.

Page of Swords Reversed

Know-it-all • Gossip • Haste

The Page of Swords reversed shows up in a reading when there is an element of snobbery around. Although very smart, when the Page of Swords reverses, the card’s energy turns into something of an arrogant show-off. This could indicate that you are beginning to bother others with a constant need for validation. You may be asking too many “deep” questions that seem to challenge needlessly. The Page of Swords reversed can also represent a tendency to rush into commitments then miss the deadlines.

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