Queen of Cups

Queen of Cups

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Queen of Cups

Intuitive • Loving • Soft Heart

The Queen of Cups may represent someone in your life, or perhaps an energy within you, that is affectionate and sensitive. She is guided by emotions. This card is a sign to stay in touch with the gentle side of your inner aspects. Often a healer, she can tell when you are feeling off without you saying a thing. She is so quiet though, you may not notice her right away.

The Queen of Cups has a kind word of care for everyone. Soothing and calming, her reactions are based on her emotions. Though never moody, she is moved by the depth of others’ experiences. The Queen of Cups embraces everyone but also practices self-care so that she can be at her best.

If you received the Queen of Cups reversed in a reading, it’s a positive sign that your intuition is starting to make itself known and your heart is strengthening.

Queen of Cups Reversed

Emotional Manipulation • Denial • Sadness

The Queen of Cups reversed suggests that you are denying your emotions the room they need to explore. You are forcing yourself to restrict how you are feeling. In very bad cases, the Queen of Cups reversed can represent a person in your life who is very good with emotion—due to the imbalance of the reversed card, this person will more likely than not be involved with emotional manipulation.

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