Queen of Pentacles

Queen of Pentacles

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Queen of Pentacles Tarot Card Meaning

Home Life • Nature • Integrity

The Queen of Pentacles reflects a person in your life who is very good at keeping up day-to-day things such as budgeting, cooking, cleaning, and caring for people. They enjoy the work of maintaining an environment where their loved ones or employees can thrive.

They are down-to-earth and come to your aid whenever you need it . They most likely advise on how to manage your money. The Queen of Pentacles, as someone who really appreciates nature and beauty, probably dresses nicely and keeps a gorgeous home.

The Queen of Pentacles is the image of motherliness: unselfish and kind. They are, however, also incredibly practical with tons of life experience. Whoever this person is, they would be glad to give you advice on any earthly subject such as money, relationships, or health.

Queen of Pentacles Reversed

Over-commitment • Financial Ignorance • Homebody

The Queen of Pentacles may appear when you have being overly consumed in your work and have isolated from others. If so, this card reversed can suggest that you cannot do everything yourself and should reach out for help.

In some cases, The Queen of Pentacles reversed shows up when you have been ignoring your financial troubles, such as not checking your bank account. Unfortunately, this card will warn you, you can’t imagine these woes away. Stop mothering other people as a distraction, and look out for yourself and your household first.

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