Queen of Wands

Queen of Wands

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Queen of Wands Tarot Card Meaning

Cheerful • Energetic • Entrepreneurial

The Queen of Wands represents an older person or energy in your life, usually leaning towards an internalized, focused, and self-actualized presence. They are an intriguing character. The Queen of Wands light up any room they step into and may have a strong independent streak. The Queen of Wands loves nature, family, and animals. They are also very ambitious and confident in career aspects. They have a quiet but sure pride in themselves that they can get anything they want done.

The Queen of Wands appears in a reading when it would be best for you to channel this queen’s radiant energy. The Queen of Wands ask that you be bold and courageous in the things you take on. You may be feeling very optimistic and full of great ideas. Your passion will be understood immediately by anyone who feels your presence. Shake off the bad thoughts and put yourself out there.

Queen of Wands Reversed

Coldness • Aggressive • Demanding

Reversed, the Queen of Wands can be stubborn and bossy. A natural leader, they may border on tyrannical when they are feeling out of balance as the reversed position indicates. While the Queen of Wands card can represent any gender of person, they are always someone you consider a mature person and perhaps an authority like a boss or teacher.

The Queen of Wands reversed can also signify that you are cold or lacking an engaging way of speaking to others. However, this card still maintains the positive energy of the upright Queen of Wands. This card reversed can serve in a reading as a hint that you have channeled the energy you need to be sweet, warm, and caring, and now it is time to carry it through.

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