Ten of Cups

Ten of Cups

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Ten of Cups

Peace • Joy • Family

The Ten of Cups is known for being the “family card,” representing the harmonious energy of happy family. Together and there for each other. This card can signify marriage, a prosperous new relationship, or a new birth equally.

The Ten of Cups also represents full emotional strength. You have found that you now have the tools to handle emotional difficulty that comes your way. While you are not a brick wall, your emotions no longer control you. Instead, you work with them and acknowledge what your intuition tells you.

This card predicts happy times as well as new and rekindled relationships. Good things are coming your way. Smile and be kind while trusting your emotional wisdom.

Ten of Cups Reversed

Broken Home • Sadness • Poor Health

Reversed, the Ten of Cups suggests that there is fighting within your family or not spending enough quality time with each other. Something is getting in the way of the picture of perfect contentment represented by the upright Ten of Cups. It can sometimes be tied to money or work. Usually when the Ten of Cups is reversed, it can indicate that there is a lack of respect or compassion for and from your family members. Do your best to treat others with love even when they are not showing it to you. If you don’t, the relationship has little chance of changing.

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