The Devil

The Devil

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The Devil

Addiction • Vice • Self-medication

The Devil is in the business of indulgence and bondage. Whether it’s drugs, food, or even hopelessness, The Devil appears when there is an addiction. This card represents your shadow, necessary but often hiding truths. It does not foretell doom, only the need for attention. Are you holding fast to your highest vision?

Still struggling with the concept of even amounts, the Fool overindulgences in drinking. One night in the shadows he sees the Devil. The Devil is with two people carrying shackles around their necks. Though terrified, the Fool manages to turn around. Before he does, he notices the shackles were big enough to easily slide off.

The Devil is universally one of the most worrying cards to get in a reading. Although the appearance of this card can feel like a curse or dark cloud, the Devil actually has no control over you. The Devil is only here as a sign that you have let an idea or substance take over the well-being of your life.

The Devil Reversed

Breaking Free • Moderation • Overwhelm

If you receive the Devil Reversed in a reading, it’s a positive sign that you have recently broken free of a vice. However, because of the reversed position, there’s an indication that the temptation is not completely gone. It could be that the break was very recent in the past. Look to surrounding cards for signs of what will give you strength going forward.

The Devil reversed can be a sign that a new, rocky time is about the start. As card 15, this card closely relates to The HIerophant, card 5 and so the advice for remaining balanced is similar: keep to the right and narrow road. Unlike the Hierophant, the Devil is an individualistic card. Don’t worry about what others think or the “correct” way to do things. Do what you need to do.

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