The Empress

The Empress

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The Empress Tarot Card Meaning

Creation • Nature • Nurture

The Empress encourages you to create and bring something new to the world. Generous and devoted, the Empress represents stable ground and a profound sense of security. In the case of pregnancy or new ventures the Empress is a positive sign.

As the motherly figure of the tarot, the Empress asks that you be patient. Give your ideas time and room to grow. Nurture and give to what you love. The High Priestess is a close advisor of the Empress, though the Empress makes much more use of her five senses than her intuition. Card 3 represents a completion and material manifestation of the duality presented by the High Priestess.

The Empress is represented by a heart and feminine symbol. This card is very loving, giving, and nurturing. A protective maternal force has been bestowed upon you and you are free to create, grow, and develop yourself or your ideas. The Empress also signifies abundance, especially of material things and real-world experiences. Life can be bountiful with a kind and generous spirit.

The number 3 is a magical number that brings a sense of realization and fulfillment to any reading. If you receive the Empress in a reading, look to other cards for direction. Cards that represent newness may be a sign of blessing in regards to career or finances. If you see a Page such as the Page of Cups this card may be a sign of a pregnancy.

The Empress Reversed

Overdependence • Self-harm • Creative Block

The Empress reversed can come up when you are facing a creative block. You may be missing the key element of personal inspiration in what you are trying to create. This card reversed can mean you are overly dependent on others’ ideas of what you should do. Be confident in your own intuition.

In a relationship reading, the Empress reversed can signify that someone is having a hard time finding a way to express their feelings. It could be that you don’t feel safe telling the other how you really feel, or that you are being overprotective of someone you love. Be mindful and realize that smothering with affection creates unrealistic standards and an unfair imbalance. In either case, nurturing requires space to breathe.

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