The Fool

The Fool

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The Fool Tarot Card Meaning

Novelty • Journey • Trust

The Fool is who we should all aspire to be. Trusting that life will catch them when they fall, they embark on a journey with almost nothing. The Fool is new beginnings and liberation from the past. While some may call the Fool too naïve, they carry an important wisdom—have faith in where your natural responses take you.

Each card is a part of the Fool’s journey. The Fool is the beginning, end, and center of the tarot all at once as card 0. The rest of the major arcana, cards 1–22, represent teachers and concepts that the Fool encounters on their journey. In learning to watch their step, the Fool evolves.

A white rose atop a silly hat, the Fool is characterized by a court jester. In medieval times, the jester was someone who was allowed to go outside the social script, so that they could observe and make jokes. As such, the Fool represents unlimited potential, spontaneity, and newness. Innocence, symbolized by the white rose, is the Fool’s credo.

If you are facing doubt, the Fool is a wonderful card to get in a spread. Pure and open-hearted as a child, the Fool reminds you to believe in yourself, no matter how unsure you may feel. Have faith… and be prepared for a new adventure. You may have to leave some old things behind, whether objects or ideas, to make this journey truly a new one.

The Fool Reversed

Hesitance • Recklessness • Cynicism

The Fool reversed can signify a new journey although one that is far in the distance. It can also be a sign of hesitance or unwillingness that impedes a real fresh start or a misstep that has caused a harmful cynicism.

If The Fool reversed is in a high energy place it could mean your risk-taking, although exciting, is bringing an underlying feeling of insecurity and instability.

In a health or career reading, this card reversed can warn of accident-proneness in the near future.

At worst, The Fool reversed signifies a reckless journey, in which you are acting in disregard for what’s really best—maybe your naïveté has gotten the best of you. Be sure you are not being taken advantage of. Remember, the message of the Fool is trust your wants not anyone else’s.

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