The Hermit

The Hermit

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The Hermit Tarot Card Meaning

Introspection • Solitude • Illumination

The Hermit is a sign of needed introspection. This is a time to check in with yourself and take stock of where you have landed. It’s also a sign of needing to take a quiet, still moment before the next step of your journey. 9 is a spiritual number, so this card is about the self.

With mind abuzz from learning about willpower, strength, success, order, discipline, and tolerance, the Fool is now aching for a moment of peace. They meet the Hermit, logical and analytical, and he implores the Fool to retreat away from the world and explore what is in his mind in order to quiet it.

Carrying a lantern to cut through fog and darkness, the Hermit represents the sign Virgo and so, a healthy skepticism. The Hermit loves others with as much compassion as Strength but is more detached. They want you to learn to honor your own wisdom. The Hermit can be a sign of a strong urge to turn away from society, forget about material things, and explore our eternal inner spirit.

If you get this card in a reading, it’s time to put away distractions and focus on your ultimate project: yourself. Meditation is a great idea right now, and with the divine energy of the Hermit guiding you, you will find it even more effective than usual. As the secret corners of your mind are illuminated and the worries unravelled, you will gain strength to continue your journey.

The Hermit Reversed

Isolation • Withdrawal • Anxiety

Getting the reversed Hermit in a reading could be a sign you’ve been isolation for too long, spending more than necessary reflecting on your inner self. It could mean loneliness or withdrawal. In a relationship, the Hermit reversed can mean too much unwelcome separation or that someone craves more affection from the other person. If you are single, this card reversed can indicate you’re tired of being alone.

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