The Lovers

The Lovers

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The Lovers Tarot Card Meaning

Relationship • Crossroads • Union

The Lovers card is as much as a card about choice as it is about love. It means you have come across, or will come across, something you know is meant for you—whether a person or passion. The question is, will you diverge off your current path to follow this new element? Remember when making your choice that love brings it own hardships.

The Fool lands at a crossroads after the Hierophant. They face a new challenge. Before, the Fool was self-centered, but now they experience a powerful urge to be together with another person. When the Fool sees this new person at the crossroads, they realize that while it is good enough to conform, at some point you have to decide upon your own values. This is when the Fool begins questioning.

The Lovers card is illustrated with two twin hearts and a vine. The vine stands for both deep unity and a newfound purpose in one’s journey. As card 6, the Lovers card holds both the magic and completion properties of 3 and the duality of 2. 6 is more stable than 4, promising harmony as well as security.

If you receive the Lovers in a reading, you may be at your own crossroads. Be assured that no decision is a bad decision here, except it is almost certain that you can’t turn back at this point. Where will you go?

The Lovers Reversed

Misalignment • Ambivalence • Forbidden Love

The Lovers always represents a crossroads, but reversed this card can signify a misalignment in values with the other half of your relationship. It can be that you are making rushed choices for the sake of instant gratification or you are not paying attention to what the other person is making clear they want. In either case, the disharmony suggests that the relationship’s potential is starting to fizzle out. Because this card is ruled by Gemini, the cure here is communication.

This card reversed may also suggest a delay in your decision making. You may have to sit and wait for other pieces of the puzzle to come together, or perhaps you are expecting the passion of the Lovers too early in your journey. If you were seeking advice about a choice, the Lovers reversed may be a strong sign to say no.

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