The Moon

The Moon

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The Moon

Illusion • Deception • Calm

The Moon is a card of illusions and genius. While that may seem frightening, remember that something beautiful can still come out of mental hurt, though it’s still important to take care of yourself. The problems you have are in your head for better or for worse. Ask yourself: is what I am experiencing real or is it possibly an illusion? Whatever your answer, this will help your worries wane as naturally as the moon.

Getting the Moon in a readings means there are some large forces at play. You will find, that no matter how hopeless you may feel, life keeps moving forward. This may be a sign to listen to your dreams and intuition to balance out the cold thoughts you are experiencing. Try to remember that though it may feel natural to worry, it really does no good for anyone. The Moon tells you that belief in something higher is essential for you to succeed.

The Moon Reversed

Worry • Mental Illness • Creative Block

When the Moon reverses, it could be a sign that you feel overwhelmed by problems and concerns. You may be having nightmares or feeling paranoid of the people around you, making them feel on edge as you question their intentions. If you believe danger lurks around every corner, fear can paralyze you from ever dealing with the true root cause of this uneasiness, which the Moon implies is within you not outside of you. The Moon reversed can signify a creative block in readings about passion or career.

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