The Star

The Star

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The Star

Hope • Dreams • Renewal

The Star, although distant, will guide you to the right place. Listen to your dreams. This card is not one of strong action, or immediate and powerful change. Rather, this bright card predicts a period of quiet healing and hope. Look for assistance where you can. You can rebuild and be uplifted.

Near the morning, the Fool begins to tire. She rests on the ground, promising herself to stay up long enough to see the sun rise. Before then, she noticed a puddle reflecting the bright light of a star. She falls asleep before seeing day break, but her own mind stays alight with dreams.

In a reading, the Star asks that you listen to the purest of your dreams to regain energy and hope. Remember this is a time for healing. If you are feeling hurt, the Star is an inspiring card to get in a spread.

The Star Reversed

Defensiveness • Need for Rest • Withdrawal

Getting the Star revered in a reading could be a sign that you have been struggling for too long, spending more time than necessary on feeling sorry for yourself. During this time you could feel loneliness, but your solution is not to seek more interaction, distractions, and events. Rather, take time to reflect and heal your inner self and what part of you needs attention and care.

In a relationship reading, the reversed Star can mean someone is hurt, feeling vulnerable but putting up a tough front. In matters of career or passion, the Star is a reminder to keep your original spark of inspiration alive.

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