The Tower

The Tower

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The Tower

Destruction • Collapse • Release

The Tower, representing a grandly constructed structure in your life, is hit by lightning. Expect to be shaken up. Abrupt, jarring, and painful, this card warns of unforeseen events that will cause something to come crashing down.

One night the Fool is stays in a tall, ancient-looking tower for the night. She is awoken by a loud sound and crash. Suddenly everything is on the ground. This shock and flash of bright light reveal to the Fool what is true and reliable. One’s own will, not external things. She continues his journey that night, wide awake and motivated again.

The Tower is an indicator that something old and outworn has collapsed in your life. It can be mental or related to passion and relationships. Although painful, this experience is often necessary and a sign of brighter days ahead.

The Tower Reversed

Refusing to Let Go • Stagnation • Denial

The Tower always represents the need for a collapse, but reversed this card can signify a denial or refusal to let go. It can be that you are holding onto what is comfortable or you are not paying attention to signs of giving out. In either case, the crash will come if you receive this card in a reading.

This card reversed may also suggest an over-reliance on existing structures, real or imagined, in your decision making. You may have to be open to new things entering your life, trusting that they will give you reason to keep going.

If you are seeking advice over a choice, the Tower reversed can be a strong sign to walk away sooner than later. In the case of relationships, with people or objects, this card reversed points to a tendency to see the other as more needed than they really are or in the worst cases, codependency.

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