The World

The World

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The World Tarot Card Meaning

Completion • Peace • Travel

The World card is a beautiful card to get in a reading. It is about, first, completion. Everything at long last is finally coming together. This may be a sign of promotion, success, or travel. The world is yours.

The World is the end of The Fool’s journey. It signifies that all her efforts have finally paid off, and she’s reached the end of a major cycle. This is one card that asks nothing of you—you have achieved great things undoubtedly. The best thing you can do to honor this time of culmination is take a look at the past months or years to see how far you have come. It’s something we rarely do, and so often forget what we have accomplished in favor of criticizing ourselves for not being further. This card can represent the endings of many things—it could be a graduation, the success of a project, or attainment of a long-held goal.

If you get this card in a reading, expect success in your next project. Now you may feel an interest in getting more involved in your community. You’re coming from a place of fully realized love, knowledge, and potential and you should share this with others.

The World Reversed

Trapped • Depression • Fear

The World reversed in a reading can mean the feeling of completion you’ve been needing is somehow blocked. It could be a sign you have been closing yourself off from the world. In the worst cases, and certainly not every case, the reversed World appears in readings for agoraphobics. Think of any irrational fears that have contributed to your present situation. How can you confront them?

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