Two of Cups

Two of Cups

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Two of Cups Tarot Card Meaning

Compatibility • Partnership • Meeting

The Two of Cups carries the theme of the first meeting of the other half of a partnership. Whether romantic, personal, or professional, it seems you have found someone with whom you see eye-to-eye.

In terms of romantic queries, the Two of Cups is one of the most serene cards to pop up in a reading. It speaks to a honeymoon phase, where it seems the other person can do no wrong, and they support you in every way possible.

Like all the two cards, this card presents a choice. Will you invest more emotion into the relationship, or keep it as a fond memory as you go your separate ways?

Two of Cups Reversed

Disagreement • Exploitation • Settling

The Two of Cups reversed in a positive reading is something of a redirection. Even with the inherent serendipitous energy of the Two of Cups card, reversed this card indicates an imbalance in terms of settling too soon, or not being able to see the true colors of the other person.

In a negative sense, the Two of Cups reversed points to a need to be alert to your partner’s intentions—trust your intuition.

The Two of Cups reversed can also simply be a sign of a disagreement between good friends.

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