Full Moon Tarot (Spread)

Full Moon Tarot (Spread)

Full moon tonight.

Our brightly-lit cosmic friend makes another full turn tonight. The full moon is a potent time to work with the tarot. Are you going to accept the invitation?

Wait before you do! Consider the full moon not a time for being super ambitious but rather a time for reflection. There are moments in life where you may feel you haven’t achieved as much as you could have… this is why we look back. The full moon gives us a chance to note what is new in our lives.

Be sure to leave your tarot cards and crystals out by The Moonlight tonight to clean them of any absorbed energy.

Doing a reading is perhaps the best way to incorporate the full moon into your tarot journey. The energy is ripe for gratitude and manifestation. Get comfy, get centered, dim the lights, and check out the spread below for life reflection.

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