The Hidden Meanings Between Cards

The Hidden Meanings Between Cards

Does it mean something to get 3 six cards? What does a spread of all major arcanas signify?

Sometimes scanning your cards for broad hints and missing pieces is the best way to get a straight answer. When we ask our friends for help (and I hope you can consider your cards your friends) they have a way of cushioning truths they know are new for us. It’s just human nature to be afraid of or even reject the unexpected whether it’s good or bad.

Let’s go into a few examples of finding hidden meaning in a tarot spread.

Lot of major arcana cards.

Always pay close attention to where your major arcana cards show up. The major arcana represents divine energy—almost as if saying the path they propose is already carved out for you. There’s a reason they’re also known as the “trump” cards. If you get all major arcanas or mostly major arcanas, it can be a sign that there is very strong energy rooting for you.


Whether we’re talking numbers (1–10) or suits (pentacles, swords, wands, cups) when something repeats, it’s significant. The numbers also count when discussing major arcana. For example, The Magician and the Ace of Pentacles Strengthen each other as they both fall under the number 1.

If you get a couple of fours, it means stability is a strong theme in your spread.

Also take care to note the number of numbers! For example, 3 fours is different from 4 fours. Not just because the latter is more fours, but because 3 is an “active” number in numerology while 4 is stable. In this case, 3 fours is almost an oxymoron—whether that means Strengthened or weakened energy is up to you.

Missing cards.

The missing cards in your spread may count just as much as the ones you are seeing in front of you. For example, what does it mean when a spread asking about love life shows no cup cards but a few pentacle cards? To me that would signify that money’s more on your mind than love. Similarly, what would it signify if you got the 3 of Swords, the 3 of Pentacles, the 3 of Cups… but no 3 of Wands?

With tarot, you can find meaning not only from the cards you pull… but also from the cards left unturned. When you look at a spread from this angle, suddenly new opportunities for interpretation arise.

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