How to Astral Project: My Real Experience (Disclaimer: Trippy)

How to Astral Project: My Real Experience (Disclaimer: Trippy)

What is astral projection?

Astral projection (or astral travel) is when you choose to have an out-of-body experience during sleep. You see, we’re more than what we can see on the physical level. We have a physical, mental, spiritual, and yes, astral body. Astral projection involves your astral body traveling around The World or into faraway lands while your physical body is asleep in your bed at home.

Sound fantastical? Maybe you want to give it a try before just believing me. Dive into this article to learn the benefits and risks of astral projection and decide for yourself if it’s right for you.

The risks of astral projection.

A couple disclaimers before I get into the meat of this topic… but keep in mind there’s no physical risk in astral travel. Similar to Halloween theme park rules—you may see something scary but they can’t touch you.

You’re not gonna feel great in the morning.

While you’re traveling into the 11th dimension at night, you’re really travelling. If you’re not prepared to feel like you haven’t slept at all when you wake up after 8 hours, hold off on astral projection.

Something “deep” might happen.

The idea of astral travel is ancient and occurs in multiple cultures. It’s usually an exercise for spiritual growth, definitely not just for fun. In your astral travel, you may come across a part of yourself you didn’t know. It’s on you how you take that.

Moon energy.

In tarot reading, there’s a card called The Moon that deals with the “dark” or “negative” (not necessarily bad) side of our journeys including some part of our dreams. When you astral project, you’ll feel this Moon energy. It’s confusing and sometimes chaotic.

While the way I’ll be showing you how to astral travel comes with protection, you may (safely) come across an unpleasant “someone” (an entity) and that in itself is an experience.

Why astral project?

So why would you want to astral project?

It’s like giving your personal development all the energy and power behind the stuff of your dreams.

Astral projection or astral traveling is the ability to allow your light body (or what I call our “traveling” selves), to venture beyond the physical body and project itself to a specific place, and even particular sites in time. I have worked with astral projection to witness ancient civilizations and other sacred spaces on the earth, and have also used it to connect with further realms to gain insight for my spiritual work.

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How to astral project.

Place a notebook and pen under your pillow.

With your eyes closed, visualize a rope above your bed. Visualize your astral (not physical) body, specifically your arms, climbing the rope. Nod off like this.

Whenever you wake up, take note of what happened even if it felt like nothing.

You should astral project within a few days.

My real experience with astral projection.

I astral projected for a week ONCE. I’m a workaholic and losing sleep was inconvenient to my projects, so I stopped. To be honest with you, I initially tried it because I wanted to have a trippy experience which I did get!

The first night, I ended up in a world where I was a ghost (yes, like Casper) vacationing somewhere else with my family in some hotel. I went down to the street level, floating along, to get my family some donuts. Donuts by the way, are a surprisingly sacred shape. When I was making my way back up to the hotel room, I came across a bully I used to know. I could tell it wasn’t really them but it looked like them and they were also mean. They were telling me mean things and I floated up a little. That’s when I noticed the bully’s energy couldn’t go up, so I just floated up to the hotel room and shared donuts with my family. I only remember this because I took notes. When I fully woke up (because I took notes half-asleep) these are some words I had scribbled down, that I must have written down for some reason though I don’t have conscious memory of it: training. protected. watched.

I don’t remember the next few nights but I remember they were exhausting and scary. I was insistent on recording them in my notebook to keep the experiences going though. One night I asked (begged) my angels to send me some pleasant dreams. That night I went to a beautiful, glittery dimension. It seemed like a castle. I remember just being overwhelmed with happiness while the land glittered.

The last night I astral projected, I ended up in a big circus tent with a bunch of other “humans.” ? They were people who looked like people I knew and they seemed benevolent. They said they were all healers and gathered to celebrate something. They said this through on-stage speeches. I remember one lady talking about how she “woke up” in Seattle and she made a specific joke about Seattle in the 80s I wouldn’t have had any knowledge of. One “angel” (that just came out as I was typing) acknowledged me, saying “We’re happy to have Amí joining us today” and everyone laughed I think because I was drifting in and out of the “dream.” At the same time I was there, I could see my own living room and me clenching my fists attempting to wake up.

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