Spoopy Tarot: Major Arcana Explained

Spoopy Tarot: Major Arcana Explained

The Spoopy Tarot is the story of spirit named The Fool who haunts people because they resent being dead. They feel their circumstance is unfair and find it impossible to shake this chip off their shoulder. It’s like dโ€‹eath is just something relentlessly happening to them. The Fool, however, is also a spunky and adventurous spirit with an open mind, so…

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…one day, tired once again of where they are, they move to a new area to haunt. There they meet benevolent teachers of the afterlife, who help them discover the gentle love that’s always been within and around them.

(As you may know, in tarot, The Fool represents each of us in our individual spiritual journeys.)

In this post I’d like to expand on why I chose each character of the major arcana the way I did. Some are obvious, some are personal, and some are based on folklore.

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Spoopy Tarot Major Arcana Symbolism


The Fool (Ghost)

The Fool has no secretsโ€”their power is that they’re completely transparent. The Fool in Spoopy Tarot is a spunky ghost. This Halloween is different for them than the last, but they’re not afraid of what’s new.


The Magician (Wand)

This is honestly just an homage to Kawaii Tarot! The Magician is such a pure archetype (astrologically, it represents the planet Mercuryโ€”not even a sign, just a planet) I decided to go abstract with it.


The High Priestess (Monster)

Represented by a monster with a third eye in Spoopy Tarot, this archetype was here before anything else, so they’ve seen it all. Throughout the highs and lows, the beautiful extensions of grace and the ugliness of Judgements, they remain constant.


The Empress (Witch)

The Empress represents a resolution from the duality of The High Priestess, who is The Empress’ advisor. In Spoopy Tarot this archetype is represented by a witch creates new realities through working with material aspects. They encourage you to think of your creation as a craft, not a science, so it’s ok to lose time in it or simply explore without a destination in mind.


The Emperor (Wizard)

The Emperor is the contrasting and balancing personality to The Empress. While The Empress wants to explore creatively, The Emperor shows up when you need a clear A to B plan. As a wizard, The Emperor produces marvels using divine forces. Their power comes from discipline.


The Hierophant (Vampire)

Symbolized by a vampire, this card is considered a little old-fashioned in its desire to stay within the conventional bounds of the status quo. They say, “You don’t always have to be innovative. Tradition is tradition for a reason.”


The Lovers (Haunted House)

Seeing The Haunted House on a hill on Halloween, you have a choice. Will you move off the “safe” path to explore this new element? This card represents a choice between two options, both good, but each with their own flavor of hardships.


The Chariot (Eclipse)

The Chariot, symbolized in Spoopy Tarot by a solar eclipse, is the victory card of the tarot. When we come across The Chariot, it’s so dark it seems like nothing is happening. But over and over again, we see that absolutely everything bubbles up from silence and darkness. You must have confidence in your truth manifesting itself throughout The World.


Strength (Cat)

The cat stands for Strength in Spoopy Tarot. Strength is when we honor and work with animals, spirits, and other forces outside of our control such as anxiety or fear. They seem scary, but it’s a matter of perspective. They’re not as powerful as you, no matter how much they may try.


The Hermit (Werewolf)

Werewolves know about hiding from The World (when you need to). This werewolf tells us that while The World conquering and journeying is an experience in itself, so is an in-between lull.


The Wheel of Fortune (Jack O’ Lantern)

As The Hermit dismisses The Fool to return to their journey, The Fool meets Fortune, a jack-o-lantern on a porch. In watching the flame dance, The Fool sees the cycles of life, unpredictable and unavoidable.


Justice (Owl)

Impressed by an owlโ€™s shrewdness, and levels of seriousness, Athena, the Greek goddess of wisdom, chose the owl to be her mascot. Perfect representation for Justice, which is both serious and fair.


The Hanged Man (Bat)

Here The Fool gets a big idea: do things change depending on your point of view? They climb a tree to gain a higher perspective. It’s an interesting change, so they hang upside down to try yet another perspective. As if reading The Fool’s mind, the Bat opens their eyes and says, “Everything sure does look different, when you look at it differently.”


Death (He Himself)



Temperance (Cauldron)

Temperance as a card is a reminder that you have what you need to make something entirely new, though in the form of raw ingredients. Get creative with blending things together.


The Devil (Candy Corn)

You’ve let a negative force take the reins, but take a look at how The Devil is represented. A small piece of candy. Sure, small things can do big damage. But there’s comfort in just realizing you’re more than capable of doing the same thing back.


The Tower (Zombie)

A deep fear of everyone’s, and a sure sign of what seems like “the end.”


The Star (Them)



The Moon (Night)

The Moon is usually a moon, but to make the symbolism a little clearer and spookier, I made it a pitch black night. The Night card appears at the exact midpoint of a negative experience or when something is obscuring your senses.


The Sun (Full Moon)

What’s The Sun on Halloween? For this card, I made the art a bright shining full moon to represent hope. Joy and success are here for you. There’s a lot of light on the night of a full moon. Even after years of hardship, looking up at The Moon in the middle of the night sky is one of the purest and happiest experiences.


Judgment (Raven)

Ravens have different characteristics in different parts of the Celtic world. Where in some Celtic symbolism, the raven symbolizes the carnage of war, in Wales, the bird symbolizes protection and prophecy. To me, the dichotomy is refreshing because it’s real. Sometimes you have to do what you have to do. Real life isn’t simple or black & white, which Judgment is great at reminding us of.


The World (Psychopomp)

In Spoopy Tarot, this card is represented by a psychopomp, a guide to the afterlife. Though they are associated with Death, The World card is never “the end.” It’s really the beginning.

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The Spoopy Tarot (pre-orders shipping August 2022) will be a spooky cute story of bravery and resilience! By the original artist and author the Kawaii Tarot. New 100-page guidebook included.

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