Sun / moon / rising tarot spread

Sun / moon / rising tarot spread

I’ve been using this tarot spread for everything lately. It lets me see things I didn’t already have an answer for ???? So it’s great for getting to the roots of things. Details coming up.

Column 1 (left side) is RISING aka appearances. Stuff that’s temporary.

Column 2 (middle column) is SUN aka ego. This is you.

Column 3 (right side) is MOON aka subconscious. This includes messages from the collective subconscious, as well as your ancestors and past lives.

The rows from top to bottom basically get deeper into the appearance, ego, and subconscious.

You can consider row 1 (top row) as WHAT YOU ALREADY KNOW.

Row 2 is the UNKNOWN or 3D “REASON” behind row 1.

Row 3 is the very very depths of purpose behind row 2.

1: Appearances as in “keeping up.”

2: What you consciously want.

3: Back of your mind.

4: Why things are changing.

5: Why you’re in this moment.

6: Message from your ancestors.

7: Ask for help to release.

8: What you need for progress.

9: Related family or past-life trauma.

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