Tarot reading tips

Tarot reading tips

I’ve been reading tarot for 6 years now, but the relationship between my tarot decks and I feels like a new adventure every day. I’ve gathered here a couple of tips for reading tarot. Some of these tips are for self-readings and others are for when you’re reading for others.

#1. If a reading doesn’t resonate with another person, it could be a few things…

Have you ever read someone’s cards and they staunchly declared, “Nope, nope, nope, none of that is true”? Here are a few reasons why that could be.

Reason #1. They’re not being honest with themselves.

I sometimes read for people who are skeptics. As such they’ve already made up in their mind that they won’t get any value from the reading. You can see why it’s difficult to read for them.

These type claim you’re cold-reading (taking cues from their appearance or behavior) or that tarot works because anyone can find truth in anything if they’re looking for it. If that were the case though, wouldn’t it be easy to see themselves in any card you pulled for them?

I find it’s near impossible to read tarot for people who aren’t introspective or otherwise challenging of themselves. You could tell them their attitude stinks (according to the cards) and they’d give you a long monologue about why their attitude is perfect.

Reason #2. You’re seeing their future.

Night of the reading: “Yeah, ok, whatever. Cute reading.”

3 months later: “You pulled The Devil card for our relationship, and you were right.”

Self-explanatory. This is one reason you should avoid cold-reading and just go off what the cards say. If you cold-read, you’re limited to your biases. Although it’s not as instantly gratifying in a “wow you must be a real psychic” eyes-wide way, getting a glimpse of the future and being honest about it with the querent can be better for them in the long run.

Reason #3. They’re not “your people.”

There’s a reason certain people find each other on this big blue marble. Some will say you’re attracted to people of the same type based on astrology or karmic ties. Whatever the case, we usually find the people we need. When you read tarot for people, there’s a reason they found you and not some other reader: It’s because you’re perfectly poised, through life experience and temperament, to deliver the message they need.

If your reading doesn’t resonate with someone no matter how hard you try, it could be a sign that this person isn’t meant for you to hold onto for the long-term. Some people are for a season, some for a reason, and others for just a day trip to another city, no sweat.

This relates to the next tip.

#2. Tarot readings are always about YOUR spiritual journey. Always.

When you pull away from a reading for another person, you may realize some of the messages were for you as well. Well, surprise! All of them were. Yup, especially the ones you want to resist. Although you’re reading for another person, the universe will match messages that fit both of you.

However, it’s best not to think about this when you’re in the middle of reading. Immerse yourself appropriately in the person’s situation, then regroup with yourself for what it means for you, when the reading is over.

#3. Fuzzy answer? Maybe you’re asking the wrong question.

I’ll pull a card about romance and get a wands card… “Ok, and…?” I’ll say. More times than not, when the cards are fuzzy it’s because I’m not asking the right question. This can depend on how close you are with your deck though. I imagine some people’s decks will answer whatever question they have. Mine, they tend to be more brutally honest.

#4. Yes/no readings are crystal clear but sometimes not enough.

Yes/no readings should be easy. Reversals of any type are usually a no, as are swords and pentacles. Cups and wands are a yes, one an easy yes and one a “yes, you’ll have to work for it.” In the major arcana, the even numbers are usually a yes and odd, a no.

But, you might want to pull some cards after the initial yes or no. You may be missing some of the story, like “WHY or WHY NOT” for example.

#5. Tarot doesn’t have to be so serious.

I’ve literally asked my cards what I should wear to an event. Tarot can be fun! You can ask any question to your tarot deck. Try it out, it’ll surprise you. While some will say something about respecting the gravitas of the cards, I think there’s something to be said for using a tarot deck as your “only hit ’em up when your need therapy” friend. Respect has a lot of facets.

#6. The energy of the cards matters more than the book definitions.

These days when I read, I don’t need the book as much, because I’ve gotten to know the tarot from my heart. I know each card like an old friend, so I can tell what their mood, demeanor, and message are depending on who they showed up with. This just comes with time and practice. My point is, if you’re asking about, say, the health of your family member, and your book doesn’t have the answer in the form of an exact match… you’re still totally capable of getting the answer. You may have to take a picture and come back to it later, but you can do it.

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