The Mirror Tarot Spread

The Mirror Tarot Spread

The mirror tarot spread will turn your worldview upside down. In a good way, hopefully.

This is a relationship spread for any type of relationship if you want clarity on why they are in your life. It can be your partner, friend, mentor, boss, sworn enemy, whoever. How did you attract them? How did they attract you?

  1. The first card is you.
  2. This represents other person.
  3. What you have in common. (This may surprise you.) It could be values, experiences, or goals.
  4. Your summit—or your higher purpose as a connection. Think of this as the conceptual finish line your souls are both headed towards, though you may have different ideas on how to get there.

This spread should help you develop empathy in your relationships (especially for not-so-pleasant ones) as well as open your eyes to what types of energies your energy is currently bringing around.

Try this spread and let me know what interesting stuff pops up ????

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